About & Around


For more than five years, The Transparent Mirror has been my only vassal of expression in prose, online.

It was created after several revisions offline in likelihood of Kavitha's(now defunct) girlunfettered.com. Some of her early writings are now available at http://girlunfettered.blogspot.com/

Somewhere between 2008-09, the blog was hosted by Lexa on inamorata.nu after taking a cue from Sanjana, who I believe, has abandoned writing at Misfits Inc. Re-hosting the entire blog on Wordpress came at a cost - almost all user comments were lost. The trade off however, rewarded me with inside knowledge of how a content management system works in general.

I reverted to blogger after realizing Wordpress demands active maintenance, and is vulnerable to malicious attacks from all over the world. Lexa too shared her inability to monitor and prevent hackers who were targeting random domains, randomly.

So in a better safe than sorry decision, the blog was republished with Blogger.com